Our Partnerships

SMYS is proud to partner with the following organizations:

HireNurses.com logoHirenurses.com LLC is a Boston based company with the mission to redefine nursing – providing a community, connections, resources and employment opportunities with sole intent to make the nursing profession easily accessible and valued. Founded by a Nurse Practitioner, who saw families struggling to find care – and nurses struggling to find jobs….HireNurses.com is where those two connect.

HireNurses.com is the official job board for Show Me Your Stethoscope.  HireNurses.com and SMYS, two nurse founded organizations, have partnered to empower Nurses and CNA’s in their careers – believing there should be a place where Nurses & CNA’s can define what they are looking for in their career and be recruited for their skills. HireNurses.com is an interactive, searchable and matchable database where nurses and employers both create profiles and connect with each other.  If you are an employer looking for a CNA, Nurse or Nurse Practitioner – please use the code SMYS – and each posting will not only appear on HireNurses.com – but will also be shared on SMYS Facebook group page.

nursborn_bannerSarah Mott is a Registered Nurse and founder of Nurse Born Products and the creator of the Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder. This website was created as a place where nurses can find not only quality, useful and interesting products that were inspired by nurses, but a place where you will find Inspiration, motivation and encouragement through your journey as a nurse and/or as a nurse entrepreneur.
Nurses are incredibly innovative, creative, and inspiring especially when they need to solve a problem to make their jobs easier. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention. Sarah created a platform that would show case the amazing things that they are creating and to inspire other nurses to get their ideas out there.

20% of each total sale of the “Not Just An Nurse” badge reel set will go to Show me Your Stethoscope to help them further their mission to connect, engage, and advocate for ALL people through their promotion of unity and solidarity as an organization of nurses alongside other amazing healthcare professionals globally.


telenurse_logotypeTeleNurse Network is the first website registered in New Jersey that would allow patients to interact with nurse specialists without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Marisela Cigliuti, registered nurse and founder of TeleNurse Network, recognized a need for providing alternative healthcare access when she witnessed exasperated patient wait time and lack of specialty nursing services in telemedicine.

“Our fundamental goal is to promote health by ensuring that patients with acute and chronic conditions have access to quality care… We believe that patient care improves with access to services close to home and across the world, “explains Cigliuti. Similar to an in-person doctor’s visit, Advanced Nurse Practitioners have the ability to evaluate and monitor a patient’s condition, blood pressure, weight, wounds, and provide consultation services from a remote location.

“My passion for nursing has always been a central driver in my life,” said Marisela. “I look forward to advancing the nursing profession with the use of technology to help improve the care we deliver to patients while decreasing healthcare costs.”

nursebuzz-logo@2xNursebuzz (Nursebuzz.co)  is the home for nurse empowerment, happiness and career improvement.  Our exclusive Nurse Champions(sm) program gives nurses a safe place to share their personal stories, anecdotes and wisdom.   

Join us to share your story, learn and teach.  Write, read, share, visit or just browse.  We’re here for you.  

We are a free service for all nurses and we are proud supporters of Show Me Your Stethoscope’s mission!