Shopping for Good (SMYS Christmas Families)

In 2015, Show Me Your Stethoscope adopted families for the holidays. Families that would have not otherwise had a Christmas. Families chosen from our members- nurses and health care providers, that needed a little extra hand over the holidays to give their children Christmas. Members applied or nominated families who needed us. We created Amazon Wish Lists for the selected families, and asked our members if they would help us give Christmas to theses families. Our members had an overwhelming response, and filled the Wish Lists in hours. So we adopted more families, and members again responded. In the end, Show Me Your Stethoscope adopted 28 families! The amount of support and caring shown by our members was overwhelming.

Adopted families sent posts of thanks, and expressed their deep gratitude to Show Me Your Stethoscope. A few of their responses brought us to tears.

This year, 2016, Show Me Your Stethoscope is doing it again. Join us in helping some of our own nurses and health care providers who have fallen on bad times, or need some extra help this holiday season. It’s amazing what our group can do together!

Nominate a member who you feel would be a candidate for our Adopt a Family Campaign this Holiday Season. You can also nominate your own family. Adopted families will be selected by Janie and her team of elves, and will be anonymously helped by our members. We will create an Amazon Wish List for each family, and your purchases will be shipped directly to them. This way you can be sure your gifts and donations go directly to the family you choose to support.

Nominate a family by emailing their story to Please include the child’s sex, age, and interests (for example: 8 year old boy who loves legos, pokemon, and could also use a Winter coat sized Medium. 3 Year old girl who wears size 3T and loves princesses, anything pink, and could use new toddler bed sheets). We also need their address (which will be hidden, but needed to ship Christmas gifts to the family).

To find the latest info on our Christmas Families, search our Facebook Group for #SMYSHoliday, or check out Janie’s blog post.


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