May 5th, 2017

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Attention Bedside Nurses

  • You are the front line of patient safety.

  • You must stand up and do something for your patients and yourselves!

  • You will end the status quo of unsafe nurse staffing!

NursesTakeDC is a nurse driven movement to make safe nurse to patient ratios a reality for all nurses. This year nurses from around the United States will gather in Washington DC for a National Nurse:Patient Ratio Rally May 4 through May 5th, 2017 to raise public awareness regarding safe nurse: patient ratios and to support pending legislation.


There are 3.1. Million nurses in the US. We appreciate the organizations fighting for safe work environments and patient safety but it is not enough. We have to do MORE!


The grassroots movement that brought 35,000 nurses to DC over 2 decades ago, by Laura Gasparis VonFrolio RN PhD, has been reignited in #NursesTakeDC. It is up to this generation of nurses, led by our the fire of our predecessors, to continue the legacy and do what it takes to change history by coming to DC May 5, 2017.

  • Two decades ago nurses marched in DC for the same issues that we still have today. Little has changed since this march.

  • Washington doesn’t understand that it is their families, their health, their constituents that we are fighting to protect!

  • We asked the nurses around the united states what they wanted. They said, “Enough is enough”, they want safe work environments, they want safe patient ratios.

  • Bedside nurses can not depend on hospitals or executives to make the changes needed to improve patient safety, reduce nurse burnout, and protect nurses from unsafe work environments.

  • Nurses are Increasingly asked to do more with less. Patients lives are at risk. Your license is at risk. 

  • Hospital administration doesn’t listen to us and CEO’s don’t care. Read More Here

  • If we want our practice to be valued bedside nurses must unite behind the ONE cause that affects us all- Nurse Patient Ratios Now!

    California has mandated Safe Nurse Patient Ratios. It is time for nurses to stand together, support each other, and demanded that Washington hear the voices of the largest workforce in the united states- nurses.

    This legislation for national nurse to patient ratios has been stalled in the legislative process by big money and associations that do not care about our profession. We must let Washington know that no amount of money can drown out the passion of a fed up nurses.

#NursesTakeDC 2017

May 4th

Lobby Your Legislator Info Session

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Rally for Nurse:Patient Ratios

May 5th

U.S. Capitol 


Area 1

10,000 nurses

Speakers TBA

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Nurses! You need to be there to show your congressman that you are not going to stand for unsafe patient ratios any longer.

  • Your presence is needed for your future as a nurse and as future patient.

  • If you do not do something to change your circumstances, you revoke your right to complain that your profession is being trampled.

Nurses, take a stand today. Register to be in Washington DC on May 5, 2017.  $24.00 secures your spot and gets you a #NursesTakeDC scrub top.

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Additional information

Support of S. 864: National Nursing Shortage Reform and Patient Advocacy Act & H.R. 1602: Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

These bills propose to establish a mandated requirement of nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in hospitals. This bill would not allow hospitals to force nurses to take over a specific number of patients. Acuity of the patients can still be considered without exceeding the mandated ratio.

Safe staffing is among nurses’ top concerns and is key both to patient safety and retention of nurses as we face a growing nursing shortage. The link between patient safety and nursing care is well-established. Studies cite each additional patient added to the average workload of staff registered nurses (RNs) increased the risk of death following common medical procedures by 7%, and the risk of death was more than 30% higher in hospitals where nurses’ workloads were 8 patients or more each shift. Furthermore, research has shown when there are more RNs, there are lower mortality rates, shorter lengths of stay, reduced costs and fewer complications.

When it comes to addressing the nursing shortage it’s important to address both recruitment and retention. The latest National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses by the Health Resources and Services Administration showed that on average in the U.S., 16.8% of Registered Nurses are not practicing in nursing. Higher patient care assignments put nurses in stressful situations where it becomes difficult to provide the level of care needed to assure the best possible outcomes for patients. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that staffing conditions are among the chief reasons nurses leave the bedside.

In order to truly address the shortage we must create environments that retain nurses.

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