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PJ Allen-Thomas

RN, Creative Director/Director-At-Large
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PJ is a malcontent at heart. She frequently seeks better solutions to the problems she notes around her. SMYS, she feels, is a possible solution to the slew of problems health care faces: safety, public education, professional communication, and collegiality. She started her career on the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital-Columbia; her clinical experiences span critical care issues of a wide variety. As a travel nurse, she has been lucky enough to learn more from her exposure to different practices from all over the US. She has found her niche (for now) in hospice care, and works as a call RN for Compassus in Columbia, Missouri. Her other occupations include art and photography, heavy lifting, personal training and nutrition coaching, and avoiding telling new acquaintances she’s a nurse. She lives with the love of her life, Frank; her two girls, Molly and Lucy; a Komondor-Pyrenees mix, Jill, and her Snorkie buddy, Dirty Harry; a corn snake, Miss Sneakypants; and a metric butt-ton of chickens. They all live on the same eight acres in Columbia, Missouri. Her favorite band is Pinback, she becomes deathly ill after consuming eggplant, and she thinks running is stupid.

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